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Our Approach

Founded in 2001 by a team of Seasoned Supply Chain professionals, [edo consulting] focuses on companies that believe in the importance of an efficient, effective Supply Chain.

We work together with installed based companies to leverage their Supply Chain investments, maximize their ROI and strategize for long term World–Class, Supply Chain Excellence.

EDO Consulting
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Our talented, team of global Supply Chain Experts have extensive business process expertise and decades of multi-disciplinary application experience from Industry, Technology and Top Management Consulting Firms.

EDO Consulting

We believe that Supply Chain Excellence is achieved through synergy, by aligning People, Process, Technology and Metrics.

EDO Consulting

People need to be well trained, understand the importance and impact of their role, responsibilities, processes and expectations.

Processes should be efficient and effective, accomplish a specific organizational goal, achieve desired outcomes, have accountability with clear ownership and enable continuous business change and improvements.

Technology should be up-to-date, configured to current business requirements, flexible to support continuously evolving business objectives and achieve favorable user experience.

Metrics and Analytics need to be accurate, usable, meaningful and actionable to the user community.

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